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Otavankatu 15 B 24, 28100 PORI, FINLAND

Concerts booked by Avopallo (Finland)
and Planet Rock (Europe)

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Sunburned Circle:
The Blaze Game (live)

Conspiracy Records, 2007

1. Majava
2. Heinävelho
3. Vuoren valloitus
4. Variksenpelätin
5. Yksi hirvi, miljoona metsästäjää
6. Lentävä linnoitus
7. Tappajahauki
8. Last Song*

*) on cd version only

A live collaboration between Circle and Sunburned Hand of the Man, recorded at Klubi in Tampere, Finland 2006. The two bands combined go under the moniker Sunburned Circle.

Jussi Lehtisalo – bass, vocals
Tomi Leppänen – drums, synthesizer
Mika Rättö – percussion, synthesizer
Janne Westerlund – guitar
Tuomas Laurila – ambient effects
Michael Flower – Guitar, Reed Horn, Percussion
Phil Franklin – Percussion Michael
Josef K – Sax, Electronics, Vocals
John Moloney – Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Robert Thomas – Bass
Ron Schneiderman – Guitar, Percussion